I don’t know about you but I love canning jars. Be they Ball, Mason, Kerr, or Atlas, I love them all. The older the better. Don’t you just love the shape and colors of those old jars? If you have never had the pleasure here are a few examples.





There are so many beautiful colors. My favorite is the purple.

You can collect these if you are up for the hunt or you can recreate these colors in new jars for yourself or as a wonderful gift. If you click on the link at the end you will find out how do do this.

Canning Jars are for more than just Jelly and Canning. I actually us my jars. The older ones I never use for food storage. But you can find them in my Laundry room with small paint brushes, trash tags, buttons and bits that I find in pockets in them. In the bathroom I use pint jars to hold makeup brushes, make up, cotton balls, and q-tips.







I also put food that I have prepared a head of time in them. They are great for leftovers and where else would you store your bacon grease.









But what a great way to give a gift. An edible gift or just something thoughtful in a package that is reusable or pretty enough to put on display. Check out the link.









I wanted to do a Easy Fall Project. I decided that I could reuse some of my jars and canning rings (I used the rusty ones that I would not use for canning any more). This project was easy enough to get ready.

  • Jars
  • canning rings
  • flats
  • paint (Rustoleum Spray Paint)
  • fine sand paper
  • Painters tape
  • Twine
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Electric Fence Post (not necessary¬† but it makes it easier)


The paint used in this project is all Rustoleum and can be found here at the store.






  • Claret Wine – Satin
  • Heirloom White – Satin
  • Warm Caramel – Satin
  • Cinnamon – Satin
  • Black – Flat
  • Brown – Flat
  • Autumn Brown – Textured
  • Aged Copper – Metallic
  • Frosted Glass

Make sure that your jars are clean and free of dust. The rings and flats will need a little scuff on the smooth surfaces. Wash the rings and make sure they are free of dust also. Just 1 speck of dust creates a place where there is an air space in the paint.

Now for the fun part. I put the posts out in the yard with plenty of space so the paint does not drift onto my other jars. (not a big worry if you are painting them all the same)


This is not a must, but boy it makes it so easy to walk around them to paint.

In this adventure I learned that it is much better to tape off the treads on the jars if you are planning on putting lids on them. (I only taped off one because I was not sure about putting lids on all of them.) The lids do go on but not a smoothly as I would like.





I sprayed 2-3 coats of paint on these jars. I thought about taking pictures, but forgot. Painting and seeing it come out is just to exciting. So just spray a light coating on, then let it dry. Just put it on until you like they way it looks. I did not spray any sealer on these jars. We will see how it goes.

So what do you think?

I think I like it. The way they turned out and it was an easy 1 evening project. I see Gifts in the making.


The canning rings were easy. I just layed them out on a piece of cardboard, sprayed one side, let it dry. The ones I was using on the jars I only sprayed the top side. The ones I made the pumpkins with I sprayed the bottom, let them dry, then flipped them over and sprayed the top. That Rusoleum 2x paint covers so nicely I only put on 1 coat.

The small pumpkin has 12 rings and the large one has 20. Make sure the rings are all facing the same direction. I tied a piece of twine around the middle as tight as I could. Set them on a level surface and arrange them so they are evenly spaced. On the bottom I put enough hot glue to hold them together. Let it cool then turn it over. I snapped a cinnamon stick to the length I wanted. Hot glue it into place. I think these may get some twine curls yet.

2 of the jars do light up. I have some led lights with magnets that fit on the lid here at the store that worked perfectly.

The first jar is sprayed with Rustoleum “Frosted Glass”

On the second one I use Rustoleum’s 2x “Satin Heirloom White”. I used some sand paper to remove part of the paint off of the raised letters on the jar and just scuffed it off in a few more places.



Here are the color combinations I used for this project. I try to mix and match with a few colors so I don’t have a bunch of paint left over. Some of these are left over from my Bushel Basket Project and some are new. This project did not take much paint at all.






Here is a link for more ideas for Canning Jar Projects.  LINK  (Yeah I know, just click on it)

Paint and have fun.

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