I love baskets. We just got in some Bushel Baskets. What a great inexpensive large basket.

Leave it plain, paint it, dye it, tie a ribbons around it, line it or just drape a piece of material in it. There are so many ways to dress up these Bushel Baskets. Great for planting, decorating, organizing, gifts.

The kids need to put away their laundry? Write their name on a basket, put their clean laundry in it and set it on their bed. Even if they put it in the corner it will look neat and planed.

Set a potted plant in your Bushel Baskets or just plant right in it. Just what you need for your salad growing right there on your porch or deck.

Movie night? Lay a flour sack towel in your Bushel Basket and fill it with popcorn. Wouldn’t that make a great gift for anyone, Bushel Basket, a soft blanket, a movie or two, microwave popcorn, some candy, and a couple glass bottles of soda.

Picnic basket, beach or pool basket.

There are so many fun and beautiful was to use a Bushel Basket. Click on this link for more ideasĀ https://www.pinterest.com/edinafarmhomewendy/bushel-basket/

Then come in and pick some up today.

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