It is 13 degrees out and I am trying to think warm thoughts.

As cold as it is it is time to start thinking about little seedlings, vegetable gardens and flowers. Click on the following link that will give you a Spring Time feeling and help you get in the mood to plant.

We have our NK Seed Packets in so you can start those little seedlings. Even if you are not planning a garden it is a fun project for kids and adults a like. I am providing a link for some Sprouting Ideas. Ok, so when preparing the information in this link I got a bit excited about all the ideas. So the link contains sprouting and rooting information, recycling ideas for pots and mini greenhouses. So go check it out.

I am located in North East Missouri so I am providing information for my zone, Zone 5 or 6. Depending on which zoning map you look at. Check out the map for what zone you live in. Or maybe what zone you will be in if you are moving.



Here is an easy to read chart I found. Click on my chart if you are not in Zone 5 to find the chart for your zone (just click on your zone once you are there).  For a more detailed guide to planting check out my post from March 18, 2018 “Planting Season Guide”. Now these are not set in stone. As cold as it has been this year and it looks like it may hang on a while. (They are calling for 0 degrees on Sunday) Make sure the ground and air temperatures are warm enough.

So get to planning those beautiful flower and vegetable gardens.

Happy Gardening, and as always.. Never Miss a SALE or great idea. Follow us on Facebook.

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