The holiday rush is over and it is cold outside. Lets find some indoor projects to freshen up your home.

I am going to be doing some around my house so I will share the research I am doing with you. Who can’t use New Ideas, Tips and Tricks when starting a new project.

Nothing is cheaper than paint for a quick fresh face lift on walls, doors, windows and furniture.

In this post I am concentrating on your walls with a few tips for doors, trim and windows.

When deciding on a new color for  a room I like to find the one object in the room to pick a color from. It can be a main focal piece or just an accent piece I love. In my bedroom I have a bay window. I put shears on the individual windows and a heavier curtain in front of it for privacy. So when choosing the color for that room I want it to go with a color to go with those curtains. They are very long and wide and I don’t want the extra cost of replacing them. I the living room I found a set of pillows that I had to have. The rest of my furniture in very neutral. (my sofa is white). So I pulled the smokey blue out of those pillows for the walls and mocha with white trim  for the entertainment center. My living room and dining room are divided by a wood trimmed arch way. (old house with missing double swing doors) I used the mocha color (from the living room) to paint the dining room walls. The 2nd bedroom only has 1 window with dark antique furniture so I wanted to go light. I chose a very soft color called Delicate Pink (it is so light that is is almost white). All of the woodwork in my house is original dark hand carved wood no changing that so I had to make sure that the colors went well with that before my final decision.

After picking what you would like to choose your color from for your room come down to the store (bring the item you are looking at with you if possible) and pick up some color samples. If you want a specific color we can scan it and “color match it” with our Designer Plus computer program.  Always choose a range of the same basic color you are looking for. The color of your woodwork, lighting in the room and the amount and type of light coming through your window makes a big difference in the way the color will look in your room. Put your sample chips up in your room next to your woodwork and look at them at different times of the day. I have even had other people look at them and give me their input when I had trouble deciding between a few colors.

When you have found the color you want in your room come on down and we will mix it up for you. Give the guys your name and they can even save your color in the computer for the future. Now ain’t that handy.

The link (click on the picture) contains hints, ideas-tips and info for you. I just love finding tips that make it easier and less messy to complete my projects. I have not tried them all but I always start on a small out of the way spot to try out new things. Like in a closest or behind a door. I hope this helps.

If you try and of these ideas let me know how it goes. I will try and help with any questions you have.

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