Chicks Gone Wild (LINK)

Chickens are so much fun to have around. (**see my One Chicken Can post)
I love just watching them. To me it is relaxing watching them run around the yard looking for bugs. Watching them go crazy when you give them some fresh watermelon.
Don’t forget the fresh eggs they so generously leave for you. One of my favorite breeds (Ameraucana) lays colored eggs.
And who doesn’t love fried chicken?
(I know a couple people, but they are crazy) From egg to skillet in as few as 5-6 weeks.(**see my Cornish Rock Broiler Blog Post)
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I don’t think there is anything more adorable than a cute little chicken house/coop in the yard. Grow some sunflowers up the side of the pen, its not only pretty but it provides shade and seed for them. Plant some extra pole beans and peas to run right up the sides. Maybe some flowers around the base to pretty up their house.
The Chicken House pictured is available here at Farm & Home
For more ideas for your chickens
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