Winter conditions here in the Midwest are hard on your tires. From slush to ice, driving in winter weather is the worst. Weather is unpredictable and at times hazardous. It is of the utmost importance to know he condition of your tires to keep you and other drivers safe on the road.

The best way to take care of your tires is through regular maintenance.

  • Check your Tire Pressure Regularly – Maintaining the correct tire pressure can make all the difference between a smooth ride and a blowout. For every 10 degrees that the temperature drops, the pressure in your tire goes down 1-2 pounds. When a tire is under inflated, it can affect your gas mileage and tread wear. You need to check your tire pressure at least once a month on each tire while the tire is cold, with a tire pressure gauge. The correct psi (pounds per square inch) can be found in multiple places, in your owners manual, inside the drivers door and on the side of your tire. If you have sensors for your tire pressure use the automobiles manufacture suggested psi.
  • Service Tires Regularly – Tires should be rotated every 3,000-8,000 miles.(depending on who you talk to)  So when you have your oil changed and fluids checked have them rotate your tires also. Tires should be balanced any time they are replaced or removed from the rim. Your tires should wear more evenly. Maintaining a regular tire service schedule will not only help you tires in the winter but all year long.
  • Check Your Tire Tread – Uneven wear on your tires can make it more difficult to drive in the winter. With snow and ice on the road, your tires need to be able to grip, brake and accelerate. When your tread is worn down, you’ll have less control of your vehicle. You can easily test your tire tread. Insert a penny into the tire tread groove, with Lincoln’s head facing upside down. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, it is time for new tires.


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