The Midwest has some of the most beautiful winter birds.
Cardinals, Robins, Finches, Tufted Titmice, Goldfinches, Woodpeckers, Chickadees and Juncos.
Many of use like to watch the birds and the squirrels from the comfort of our homes.
The following information will help you attract more birds to your yard.

Feeding needs vary depending on the type and size of the bird.
Black Oil Sunflower Seed:
-The number one choice for the largest variety of birds. Cardinals love it.
-The most economical seed that will be sure to get birds to your backyard.
Thistle (Nyjer) Seed:
-The top seed choice for finches.
-Not a favorite of squirrels. So they are less likely to try and eat from your feeder containing this seed.
Safflower Seed:
-A highly desirable seed that attracts many of the same birds as Black Oil Sunflower, such as chickadees, titmice, goldfinches, house finches, jays.
-Not desired by squirrels, so your feeders can be left undisturbed.
-A small round seed that is mostly offered in mixes of bird seed.
-Enjoyed by ground-feeding birds, including doves, sparrows, juncos, bobwhites, and quail.
Cracked Corn:
-Preferred by birds that feed on the ground, including pheasant, quail, dove, sparrow, blackbirds and jays.
-Suet is a type of food that is high in fat, providing birds with extra protein for energy.
-Suet comes in a small square block that is placed in a wire mesh suet holder.
-Suet is great for feeding birds that might not come to a regular feeder(woodpeckers, chickadees, wrens, jays), and also is great for the cold winter months when birds need that extra energy.
Mixed Bird Seed:
-Mixes come in a variety of combinations, containing different seeds and quantities of each.
-Some are higher in Millet, other lean heavy towards sunflower seed or cracked corn.
-We even carry one that is a High Energy Fruit and Nut Blend. This one is popular with Cardinals, use a flat feeder as they are ground feeders and do not do well with tube feeders.
-You can even use Chicken Scratch Grain as a bird seed mix. (it is cheaper that ones labeled for birds)

Remember our feathered friends need not only food but also water.
Birds will be more likely to stop and eat at your feeders if water is closely available.
A deep bird bath or a feed pan equipped with a small de-icer. (available here at Edina Farm & Home)
If possible, place a bird bath on the ground. The birds will feed on the ground and the water will be right there waiting for them. Be sure to change the water every 2-4 days.

In the winter it is harder for the birds to find nesting material. You don’t have to purchase anything a provide nesting material. Just little bits and pieces of stuff that you would normally throw away. These can be put into a suet feeder and hung up for them to pick from, put in a flat basket, draped over branches or just left on the ground.
-Yarn cut into small pieces (just pick up the scrap pieces when you are done with your craft)
-Cotton thread (I just gather up my clipping and toss them in the basket for the birds)
-Human Hair (just clean out your hair brush)
-Horse Hair
-Feathers (from and old feather pillow or down coat)
-Small twigs
-Sheep’s wool
-Pine needles (christmas tree and wreath droppings)
(CAUTION: Refrain from using tin foil, plastic, tinsel, cellophane or dryer lint(as laundry detergent and fabric softeners may leave unwanted residues that can be harmful to the birds.))

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