PVC Pipe Gardening-LINK

All this Spring and Sunshine are getting me excited about GARDENING.
I LOVE the Fresh stuff out of the garden but HATE WEEDING.
As a kid we had a huge garden every year. Up close to the house my Mom always had what she called her “Salad Garden”. Small in size about 8″x 8″. It was full of everything you need for a quick salad.(cherry tomatoes, green peppers, sweet pepper, hot peppers, lettuce, green onions) Everything else was in the “Big Garden”
Love the Spring Greens salad mixes but between the weeding and dirt all over them from rain and watering (my link has irrigation ideas) they are kind of a pain. I thought about not putting in the lettuce till I saw this idea.
These PVC Pipe Gardening ideas look like they are worth a try.
CLICK on my “PVC Pipe Gardening” LINK to go to my PINTEREST Board.
I am going to put up a lettuce fence at the edge of the garden. What do you think? Will it work?
I am going to cross my fingers and give it a try. Wish me luck. I will keep you posted
As always if we have inspired you, let me know how it goes.

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