Reseeding with Kentucky 31 Fescue

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Green Grass.
We all want to have that beautiful green lawn.
I enjoy walking barefoot in the soft, weed free and bug free grass.

We have what you need to achieve that type of lawn.
– Grass seed of all types (sun grass, shade grass, sun & shade grass, high traffic grass, Rye grass, Fescue Tall and short (just kidding, only tall, if we had short grass I could sell it for a bundle-no cutting the grass…ok back from my dream) Kentucky 31. We even have Smart Grass Seed.
– Fertilizer (granular and liquid) Check out our selection of Weed & Feed products
– Granular Seven (spread on your lawn and around your house to control spiders, fleas, ticks, chiggers and a lot of other pesky little critters.
– Spreaders/Seeders (hand spreaders, bag spreaders, push spreaders, pull spreaders and even one to hook onto the tractor)
– Straw

The link on Reseeding is on the next page. Go check it out.

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