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First Day of SPRING

Spring is finally here. WOOWHO!!! (I don’t think it is an actual word so I can spell it any way I want. 🙂 ) I can’t wait for those 70 degree days to be here. I heard the Peepers out this past weekend. The days are getting warmer. It didn’t get that cold this winter so it didn’t take much. I’m ready for the flowers to start blooming.

If you have rhubarb go check it. Mine is about an inch or so tall. If you leave it covered to long it will rot clear down to the roots, a sure way to kill it.

We have our garden seed in. So come down and pick up your supplies. It’s time to get that garden going.
**Check out my other Blog Post for the planting schedule that is recommended for our area.

I am working on some fun garden ideas so keep checking back.

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Planting Season Guide

It is that time of year. Time to start planning out your gardens. (Click on the picture to go to the link)
With all the rain we have had the ground will be ready to go.
I can’t wait. I can taste them now…fresh tomatoes.
What is your favorite, right out of the garden vegetable?
My mom always planted flowers throughout the garden. It not only looks pretty but serves a purpose.
Some help keep the bugs out.(Marigolds, Lavender, Basil, Peppermint) Some are edible.(Nasturtiums leaves and flowers have a peppery flavor. great in a salad)
Every year I like to add one new variety to try. Like Rainbow Carrots, they were so pretty and yummy. I want to try Cucamelons this year.
So go have some fun in the dirt and reap what you sew.

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Cornish-Rock Broilers

These chickens grow Fast. In just a few weeks you can have them in the freezer or on the table.
Fry-em, Boil-em, Broil-em, Bake-em, Roast-em, Broast-em it’s all yummy in my book.
Nothing like raising them yourself. You know exactly what they have eaten. No steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, raised just the way you want your family to have them.

5-6 weeks = 5-6 pounds dressed weight
12-15 weeks = 8-10 pounds dressed weight
Cornish-Rock Broilers as low as $1.45 each.
min order 25
Order 100+ Chicks and get a FREE bag of Chick Starter.
CHICK DAYS March 26-31
Order now,
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The Martins are Coming to Town

Nature’s Insect Control will be back in town soon.
Make sure they are welcome at your house.

They are so much fun to watch and they take care of the flying bugs. The more you have the better,
Click on the University of Missouri Extension link for some great information on how to attract them to your house.

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One Chicken Can….

It is absolutely amazing what One Chicken Can Do. Just imagine if you had 25. The possibility for no bugs in the yard, on the fruit trees or in the garden.
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CHICK DAYS March 26-31
Order now for delivery that week.
Order 100+ Chicks and get a FREE bag of Chick Starter.
We have what you need to get started. Mini Coop, Feed, Waters & Feeders
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